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Robyn Robyn H. Dabell, MSPT
Physical Therapist
email: robyn@bainbridgeislandpt.com


Bachelor of Science, Motivational Psychology, University of Utah, 1981
Bachelor of Science, Human Biology, University of Missouri, 1996

Masters of Physical Therapy, Washington University School of Medicine, 1998

Master Clinician in the diagnosis and Management of Movement Related Dysfunction, North American Institute of Manual Therapy (NAIOMT):Intense multi-year post-professional study of treatment techniques correcting musculoskeletal dysfunction of the spine and extremities.

Vestibular rehabilitation: diagnosis, treatment and management of peripheral dizziness.

Cardiac rehabilitation: Stage IV–VI outpatient rehabilitation.

Robyn has practiced in Intensive Cardiac Care units, Acute orthopedic Inpatient settings; dance outpatient Injury Clinics and many types of Sports Clinics. In addition to her professional training, Robyn has taught Pilates and ballet classes for more than fifteen years and volunteers with professional and non-professional dance companies.

Robyn’s specialty is the evaluation and treatment of movement dysfunctions. repeated movements in poor postures set patterns of imprecise or faulty motion that predispose acute injuries and prevent chronic injuries from healing. there is clear, compelling evidence that the more precise a movement is, the healthier the bones and connective tissues associated with it are. once precise motion is restored the body can quickly heal and strengthen the supporting structures that prolong activity and function.

Bainbridge Island Physical therapy focuses on treating the source of the patient’s problem. Patient education and involvement are hallmarks of our treatment philosophy. We strive to help make the rehabilitation process a pleasure by offering a comfortable and relaxed setting with open channels of communication with your physician.

Robyn danced with Ballet West and continues to enjoy teaching and taking movement classes. She, her husband david, and their four children, enjoy sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and walking their golden retrievers.

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